Moldova Investment Tops 1 Billion Lei

Moldovan businesses are fueling a surge in investment, exceeding one billion lei (around $560 million) through a successful government program.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean announced the positive news, highlighting the participation of nearly 250 businesses, including over 60 companies led by women and more than 70 young entrepreneurs developing investment projects.

"This is an encouraging start that showcases the program's potential," said Recean. "It's inspiring to see the participation of women and young people who are driving Moldova's economic growth."

A government press release revealed that the largest share of investments went towards renewable energy production and related supplies (37%), followed by transportation and storage (23%), manufacturing (18%), agriculture (8%), and healthcare (6%).

The program, launched in 2022, offers loans with subsidised interest rates to Moldovan businesses. This initiative aims to stimulate investment and economic development in the country. Businesses can leverage these loans for various purposes, such as purchasing equipment, constructing new facilities, or expanding existing operations.

The program's positive impact on entrepreneurship, particularly among women and young people, has garnered praise from the business community. Moldova is actively building a robust economy by supporting its business owners and creating a more favourable environment for domestic investment.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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