Moldova Remembers Famine Victims (Ignored by Some)

Moldovan lawmakers commemorated the victims of the horrific famine of 1946-1947, which was organised by the Soviet communist regime.

At the initiative of Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu, the deputies held a minute of silence. However, four deputies from the Socialist and Communist Bloc refused to participate.

"This was a horrific famine orchestrated by the Soviet communist regime that caused immense suffering for hundreds of thousands of people," declared Grosu at the outset of the plenary session.

The Speaker also proposed compiling lists of the victims and survivors of the organised famine in all Moldovan localities.

"We must discuss and remember this dark period of our past. It is our duty to shed light on the famine, the deportations, and all the atrocities inflicted by authoritarian and dictatorial regimes throughout history," Grosu further specified.

Following his speech, Grosu invited the deputies to observe a moment of silence in memory of the famine victims. Out of the 83 deputies present, four opted not to participate in the commemoration.

PAS MP Vasile Șoimaru, who recently published three books about the famine's victims, strongly condemned Constantin Starîș's actions. "Look, Costică, you disapprove? Is this how you honour the memory of those who perished from hunger? Well done, hero of the Bessarabian Civil War," lashed out Șoimaru.

It is important to note that the third Saturday of April is designated as the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Organized Famine of 1946-1947 in the Republic of Moldova.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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