Empowering Educators: Moldova's Government Initiatives and Scholarships

More than three thousand graduates from various regions of the country were introduced to the most enticing opportunities in higher education, particularly within the pedagogical domain.

Thirteen universities from the Republic of Moldova showcased their offerings today for high school seniors graduating this year. The event was graced by the presence of the Minister of Education, Dan Perciun, and the Prime Minister, Dorin Recean, with the explicit aim of inspiring young individuals to pursue careers in the field of education, given the significant shortage of teaching personnel in the country.

One of the attendees, Crina Lupu, revealed her determination to embark on a career as a pedagogue and disclosed her intention to apply to "Ion Creangă" State University.

"Today, I discovered the opportunity to become a psychologist-pedagogue. I enjoy communicating and engaging with children. Despite my initial reservations about entering the pedagogical realm due to my grandmother's influence, who herself was a teacher and always emphasised the necessity for immense patience—something I find challenging given my inherently dynamic nature—I believe that pursuing a career as a psychologist will assist me in regulating my emotions. In turn, I aspire to aid children and individuals in achieving emotional well-being," expressed the student.

Another participant, Constantin Botezatu, a fourth-year student at "Alexei Mateevici" College, expressed his passion for teaching primary school students despite acknowledging the profession's inherent challenges.

"I was inspired by a teacher from my hometown, Mrs. Rodica Musteață, who ignited my passion for working with children. I realised that children are our guiding lights and a continual source of motivation. Every day, as I deliver lessons, I absorb a multitude of emotions from the children, which fuels my determination," shared Constantin.

Minister of Education and Research, Dan Perciun, announced measures to incentivize young individuals to enrol in faculties with a pedagogical focus, including doubling the scholarships offered at "Ion Creangă" State Pedagogical University this year. Furthermore, the ministry is committed to implementing additional initiatives aimed at enhancing the allure of the education sector.

"The employment allowance upon graduation is set at 200,000 lei, supplemented by an additional 5,000 euros one year after commencing employment in a school, with an additional 5,000 euros after the first six months. We remain steadfast in our efforts to improve study conditions, exemplified by our investments in a network of 35 model schools. Our objective is to ensure that the facilities in these schools, and subsequently others, meet the expectations of our students," affirmed Dan Perciun.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean echoed the importance of nurturing talent within the education sector and highlighted government initiatives to incentivize educators.

"The government places significant emphasis on this matter, evident through initiatives such as the provision of a one-time allowance of 200,000 lei for teachers and a 15 percent salary increase. While these efforts mark just the beginning, they underscore our commitment to enhancing the teaching profession," emphasised Dorin Recean.

Recently, Minister of Education, Dan Perciun, disclosed a shortfall of seven thousand teaching positions in the Republic of Moldova. To address this, the government plans to offer training courses for teachers, streamline school bureaucracy, and implement salary increases. Although discussions regarding salary increments for teachers are underway, specific details remain pending. The Ministry of Education and Research also aims to modernise the educational infrastructure nationwide, starting with the selection of 35 educational institutions from district centres for investment, with the ultimate goal of establishing model schools.

Translation by IurieTataru

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