Moldova Museum Staff Injured in Bus Crash, Museum Closed

Several visitors, including school groups, were turned away today from the National Museum of History of Moldova (MNIM) which has been temporarily closed since Monday.

facebook/ MNIM
Sursa: facebook/ MNIM

The closure stems from a serious car accident last week that injured several museum employees, who are currently hospitalised. The museum is scheduled to reopen on May 6th.

"We receive a variety of visitors - families, children, school groups, and students. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, we are forced to turn them away and explain the situation," said Nicolae Iacovlev, a guard at the MNIM. "Everyone wishes the injured staff a full and speedy recovery. They were a valuable team, and this accident is a terrible setback."

Svetlana Stoianova, a visitor to the museum, expressed her condolences: "We saw the news reports about the accident yesterday on social media and came to the museum today to show our support. We are deeply sorry to hear that people were hurt, and we wish them a full recovery."

The accident occurred last week as the museum employees were returning from a trip to Căușeni, where they visited the "Assumption of the Virgin" Church and the "Alexei Mateevici" Museum in Zaim. The oncoming car slammed into the bus carrying the museum staff, resulting in the death of the car's driver and injuries to several museum employees. Those injured were transported to the hospital by eight ambulances.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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