Four undeclared violins were detected at Leușeni Customs

Four undeclared violins were detected at Leușeni Customs. According to the Customs Service, the musical instruments, "supposed to be of cultural value", were found in the car of a 34-year-old Moldovan traveling from Romania to the Republic of Moldova.

During the checks, the driver would have verbally declared that he is not transporting goods that need to be declared.

"During the control, in the car, four violins assumed to be of cultural value and 13 covers, undeclared to the customs body, were found. The goods have been seized, and the case-by-case investigations continue," the Customs Service reports.

In this context, the quoted source reminds the citizens that musical instruments are part of the category of goods that can be brought in/out of the Republic of Moldova only on the condition that they are not intended for commercial activity. Another mandatory condition is that the goods must be declared to the Customs Service at the time of crossing the state border, and failure to declare the goods is a violation of customs legislation.

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