Border Police: Costesti border crossing is operating normally

UPDATE 16:35 The Costesti border crossing is operating normally. The flow has been fluidized in both directions of travel, the Border Police announces.

Border Police: Increased flow of travelers at the Costesti crossing point, in both directions of travel.

At the Costesti border crossing point, there is an increased flow of travelers in both directions, announces the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF).

According to the cited source, all traffic lanes were opened and the number of employees in the first line of control was increased to streamline cross-border traffic.

In this context, the IGPF recommends travelers to check in advance the validity of the travel documents that grant the right to cross the state border and to use all border crossing points.

Also, citizens are urged to get in touch with the officers at the Border Police call center to find out what the situation is at the border, the rules for crossing the border and other public information.

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