President Maia Sandu, Easter message: "Promote our customs wherever you are because they are dearest to our souls"

Today, when Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter, President Maia Sandu sent a congratulatory message to all Christians. The head of state wished everyone to welcome this holiday with faith, love and joy.

"The light revives even when it is knocked down, with this creed we have lived our ages on our earth. We celebrated Easter year after year and opened the houses to the light even when the resurrection was forbidden and the churches destroyed. We didn't let ourselves get knocked down, we kept our faith and lived being taught that to be human, to be honest and good - means to be strong. In Moldova when we say to each other with wonderful faces "Christ is risen", we gather the whole nation in this address".

In her congratulatory message on the occasion of Easter, the president urged Moldovans to promote traditions and customs wherever they are and pass them on to future generations.

"We will pass on the traditions to our children, these are our roots with which we go into the world. And the things that give us identity and confidence in who we are. I urge you to promote our customs wherever you are because they are dearest to our souls. Let's live Easter with joy and love. Christ is risen!", concluded the moldovan president.

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