Census 2024 // Over 1.6 million people were surveyed. NBS data

One million 128 thousand homes and about one million 650 thousand people were surveyed until yesterday, May 16, announced, in a briefing, the general director of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Oleg Cara. Among the districts that have the most people and homes surveyed are Călărași, Anenii Noi and Soroca. At the other pole are the municipalities of Chisinau and Balti, where slower review rates are recorded.

The director of the NBS also mentioned that people call the institution's Green Line to find out who is the person who must question them, but there are also citizens who want to be reviewed earlier, for various reasons.

There were also 20 incidents of verbal aggression against the census takers, but also of spreading fkae information, the cases being reported to the legal authorities, said Oleg Cara.

We remind that, this year, the Population and Housing Census takes place in our country between April 8 and July 7. Citizens are required to participate and submit IDNP data. If they refuse to answer the questions in the questionnaire, fines of up to 2500 lei will be applied, informs the National Bureau of Statistics.

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