Authorities admit that the EU accession negotiations could start in June. Recean: "It's not a date, it's a goal"

European officials did not confirm, but neither did they deny that the accession negotiations of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union will begin on June 25, as reported in the media. Prime Minister Dorin Recean confirms that such an objective exists, but on the other hand, the European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, states that we still have work to do.

"We have at least one more topic that needs to be addressed before the negotiations begin. Whether it will be done or not is not up to the EU. It would be easier to talk about a date if all the objectives were met", noted Olivér Várhelyi.

The future of the Republic of Moldova and the Moldovan citizens is in the European Union, said the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. The European official reiterated the European Union's support for ensuring the security of our country and referred to the referendum that will take place in October. Josep Borrell believes that it will give a chance to Moldovan citizens to express their European aspirations.

"Moldova is the first country to sign a security agreement with the EU. It must be ensured that all citizens understand the advantages of EU integration.

Disinformation will intensify during the election period. The EU must continue to show its full solidarity with Moldova, also because Russia from outside and using resources from inside the country is trying to destabilize the country. More than 140 million euros have been allocated for the modernization of the Moldovan army and the amount will be supplemented", said Josep Borrell.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean emphasized that, this year, the Government will focus its efforts on promoting macroeconomic policies oriented towards stability and reforms, which favor recovery and sustainable economic growth. In this context, Dorin Recean appreciated the assistance given by the European Union to our country, especially the announced financial support of 250 million euros.

"We aim to be ready by the end of June for the start of negotiations. It's not a date, it's a goal. The integration of Moldova is to the benefit of the EU, we will be a contributor to security and well-being in the region and we will offer investment opportunities. It is important that the whole society appreciates the benefits of the accession, and that the integration takes place at an accelerated pace", emphasized Dorin Recean.

We remind that, today, in Brussels, the 8th meeting of the European Union - Republic of Moldova Association Council was held, chaired by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.

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