Moldova University Merger Stalled by Funding Woes

The planned merger of the State University of Moldova (USM) and the Technical University of Moldova (UTM) has been temporarily put on hold.

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USM is seeking clarification from the government on its position regarding the merger and demanding financial guarantees to ensure adequate funding for the proposed new institution.

"This decision by the USM leadership and Senate is motivated by a commitment to protecting the interests of our academic community," a USM statement explained. "Our primary concern is ensuring financial stability until the merger is finalised. We require clear answers to the topics proposed for discussion during the April 30, 2024 meeting between the Rector's Council, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Education and Research."

According to USM, the government must provide concrete guarantees and firm commitments regarding sufficient university funding. "Our top priority remains creating a stable and predictable environment for students, faculty, and administrative staff," the statement continued. "We will maintain dialogue with state authorities to initiate and properly finalise the USM-UTM merger process."

The decision comes after the recent agreement between USM and UTM rectors to merge and create a more competitive university. The Ministry of Education has publicly expressed support for the merger. Previously, both universities had absorbed research centres and smaller universities. Notably, the Polytechnic University transformed the former Agrarian University into two specialised faculties and revitalised its campus on Mircești Street.

The government's rationale behind the education system's optimization policy was to adapt to demographic changes and streamline expenditures. Statistics show an approximate 11% decrease in student enrollment over the past decade. The opposition has criticised these education policies, particularly the mergers of several institutions and UTM's proposed merger with USM.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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