Igor Grosu discussed with the diaspora from France about the European course of the Republic of Moldova

The latest events in the Republic of Moldova and the importance of this year's election for our country, France and the European Parliament - was discussed by the Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu, with the Moldovan citizens settled in France.

"We want democracy, peace and freedom to win in 2024, both here and around the world, because these three notions are closely related to each other. At home, we have a complicated road, which involves many not easy reforms. We have many tasks to do, but these are for our benefit and prosperity", said Igor Grosu.

According to him, "the steps towards European integration are difficult, but necessary". Therefore, he urged the Moldovans in the diaspora to stand by the Republic of Moldova.

"The steps towards European integration are difficult, but necessary. That's why we urged our Moldovans in the diaspora to be with us, to help us in this complicated process. Everyone's involvement is needed to build the European Moldova", said the Parliament Speaker from Chisinau.

At the end of the visit to France, Igor Grosu visited a business owned by the family of Moldovans Elena Călugăreanu and Anatolie Bînzari, the workshop of the Moldovan painter Sergiu Ciochină and Galerie Moldave, a commercial boutique dedicated to preserving the history, craft and culture of Moldova.

The Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation, paid a visit to the Republic of France between May 27-29, at the invitation of the President of the French National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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