Parliament joins the statements condemning the genocidal policy of the Russian Federation against Ukrainei

The faction of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) in the Parliament registered the Declaration on the condemnation of the genocidal policy of the Russian Federation directed against Ukraine. This refers to the forced displacement and deportation of Ukrainian children to the temporarily occupied territories and the territory of Russia. The vice-president of the Parliament and the president of the foreign policy and European integration commission, Doina Gherman, said that today this declaration will be adopted in the plenary session of the Legislative.

By adopting such documents, the Republic of Moldova joins other international Parliaments that have issued similar statements and resolutions, such as the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, France, Iceland, Poland, the United States and Canada.

"Through this declaration, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova declares that the denial of the existence of the Ukrainian nation, along with all the inhumane policies applied by the Russian Federation towards children in Ukraine, falls under the definition of genocide according to Article 2, letter E, of the Convention for the Prevention and Suppression of the crime of genocide", declared the deputy chairman of the Parliament.

According to Doina Gherman, "Parliament confirms the readiness of all authorities in the Republic of Moldova to continue to provide humanitarian assistance and the necessary help to all refugee residents of Ukraine, who are looking for a shelter. In the same way, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova reconfirms its firm commitment to ensure the access of refugee children from Ukraine to studies in their mother tongue, to the Ukrainian cultural space and to preserving national identities and spiritual relations with Ukraine".

Official Ukrainian figures indicate that since the beginning of the war, the Russian Federation has killed 537 children, injured more than 1,275 children, and another 2,067 have been declared missing. Also, 19,546 children were abducted by the aggressor state and about 260,000 were forcibly displaced.

We remind you that the Russian Federation launched a large-scale military invasion in the neighboring country, Ukraine, in February 2022. The authorities in Chisinau, along with the EU countries and the US, condemned Moscow's aggression against Kiev on the first day of the war. During the more than two years of war, our country joined several packages of sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia.

More than two years after the outbreak of war in the neighboring country, the Republic of Moldova continues to offer support to Ukrainian citizens driven out by the Russian Federation's military aggression against Ukraine. More than 1.4 million Ukrainians entered our country after February 24, 2022. More than 100 thousand are now on the territory of the country. The General Inspectorate for Migration recently announced that more than two thousand Ukrainians have already obtained the status of citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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