Capital of Romania flooded: streets turned into rivers, hundreds of houses flooded and dozens of trees downed

It was a disaster on Thursday evening in Bucharest after a storm that lasted several tens of minutes. Meteorologists have issued a red code. It rained heavily and hail fell. The sewage could not cope, and the streets turned into rivers, reports.

Sursa: digi24

The water also reached underground parking lots, blocks of flats and even people's homes. Several trees were broken by the strong wind and fell on cars damaging them.

According to the latest balance sheet of ISU Bucharest-Ilfov, more than 100 streets and more than 200 homes, households and basements were flooded. 60 trees and seven power pillars were blown down by the wind and 70 cars were destroyed.

According to BoardingPass, two flights to Bucharest from Timisoara and Tel Aviv were diverted to airports in Bulgaria. Also due to turbulence, three flight attendants were injured in a flight that took off from Bucharest to Hamburg. The aircraft returned to Otopeni, and the flight attendants arrived at the hospital.

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