LIVE: Parliament meets in plenary session

Deputies meet today, June 14, in a new plenary session. The meeting continues after it was interrupted and resumed yesterday amid the opposition's protest.

15 projects are included in the agenda. Among them are: The draft law for the amendment of the Citizenship Law of the Republic of Moldova, The draft decision for the approval of the Report on the execution of the state budget for 2023, The draft decision for the approval of the Report on the execution of the mandatory medical assistance insurance funds in 2023. Also today, the deputies will debate the Project on the Activity Report of the National Council for State Guaranteed Legal Aid for 2023.

The meeting was suspended after several deputies affiliated with the fugitive oligarch Ilan Şor blocked the central tribune. It happened while lawmakers were examining the bill that will give the NBM additional leverage to ensure the stability of the financial system. MP Denis Ulanov requested the exclusion of this topic from the agenda, but the proposal was not accepted.

We remind that seven deputies will not have the right to participate in the next five plenary sessions of the Parliament. It is about deputies Vasile Bolea, Vadim Fotescu, Denis Ulanov, Irina Lozovan, Marina Tauber, Reghina Apostolova and Alexandr Nesterovschi. The sanction was applied at the proposal of the Parliament Speaker, Igor Grosu, after the deputies in question blocked the Legislative tribune on Thursday, June 13, and prevented the plenary session from taking place. The proposal was consulted in the session of the Parliament’s Stading Bureau, being voted in a plenary session by 57 deputies.

Deputies banned from plenary sessions and members of the "Victorie" bloc protest at the Parliament.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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