Civil Aviation Authority’s clarification about the plane with Moldovans forced to make an emergency landing in Bucharest

The Civil Aviation Authority (AAC) came up with a reaction, after information was distributed in the public according to which Chisinau would have refused the landing of a plane coming from Moscow with a stopover in Yerevan, in Chisinau. The authority claims that the air operator did not comply with a series of national regulations.

AAC says that, under the Government Decision no. 870, air operators have the obligation to notify the Authority of any change to the flight schedule and additional flights, in order to get the necessary prior approval.

"In the case of the RMO-EVN-RMO flight, these requirements were not met. The operator did not notify AAC about the schedule changes 3 days in advance, as required by law. As a result, this flight did not receive the necessary approval", states AAC.

Consequently, the Civil Aviation Authority reiterated the need for air operators to comply with national regulations.

We remind that the independent MP Marina Tauber, a member of the fugitive Ilan Sor's team, wrote on social networks that Chisinau would have refused to allow the plane from Yerevan-Chisinau to land, on which there were about 170 passengers, the vast majority of whom were citizens of the Republic of Moldova, for political reasons. Consequently, the aircraft made an emergency landing in Bucharest.

Meanwhile, the media from Romania wrote that the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) intervened "emergency" at Otopeni Airport, after a scandal broke out on board of the aircraft and calls were made, including a bomb threat.

Ecaterina Arvintii

Ecaterina Arvintii


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