Moldova Eyes EU Energy Market Before Membership

Moldova has set its sights on joining the European energy market before becoming a full member of the European Union, according to a statement by Energy Minister Victor Parlicov at the opening of the World Energy Council's Energy Forum for Central and Eastern Europe.

The Minister expressed confidence that this goal will be achievable by 2029, coinciding with the launch of three new power lines that will establish interconnection with Romania.

Romanian Energy Minister Applauds Moldova's Rapid Progress

In his opening remarks at the conference, Romanian Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja commended Moldova's energy sector for its remarkable transformation in recent years. He highlighted the sector's shift from a position of near-complete reliance on a single supplier to a more diversified energy mix, with established and liberalised markets. Burduja underscored that this progress represents the most significant advancement in the region, and Romania remains committed to supporting Moldova's continued development.

World Energy Council Forum

The World Energy Council's Energy Forum for Central and Eastern Europe is a biennial event, and it is considered the most important regional gathering hosted by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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